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The CNC I use is called Bunguard CCD2 and its only supported file format is HPGL (Damn it) It wont support any of the standard cad format.

Last few months I was using a set of free /trial software to covert cad to hpgl and by today most of them are expires (And the cracks for these are really hard to find)

So I set out to find a legitimate way to do the file conversion between these rival companies (HPGL is a HP format)


  1. Install HP7585B plotter in autocad (Mine is 2008)  : Plotter manager > Add new plotter wizard
  2. Select the new plot from plotting wizard and make sure print to file is selected (CCD2 uses a proprietor software (ROUTE PRO) to communicate between PC and CNC and one has to send the file)
  3. Press Plot
  4. Done!
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