Using Whoppix

Using Whoppix

Whoppix is a special live cd version of Linux. It seems like main goal in implementing¬† whoppix is to create a complete hacking tool kit (Although they don’t seem to accept it J)

Yes a complete operating System just designed for hacking! Belive it or not it true and its right here right now. All the tools included are hacking related. From sniffers, Brutefore attackers to almost anything you can think of. Here are some of screen shots of the operating System. We will come to how to use this when we are discussing about rainbow files. Because in windows SAM is the file where all passwords are kept and using a Rainbow hash table we can break them. But the point is as long as you are under windows Microsoft will notalow you to copy it. But if you use a specially built tool you can copy it to a floppy or a USB. Other preferred method is to use a live cd like whoppix to boot the computer and use the cracker in the whoppix to get windows the password.  In case you are wondering whoppix has all the tools necessary to do this by default!

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  1. Hey man… ComPlete thIs arTicLe. I loVe iT

    admin Reply:

    Ok pal. I’ll try. But the problem is most of the video tutorials are too big and hosting them is costly. Any way I’ll try :-) Thanx for the comment!

  2. Thanks buddy. I’ve downloaded it. Please keep posting new things.

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