Most of people think hacking is not ethical. But the truth is long time ago when term ‘hacking ‘first used it was used to identify people who try to find faults in computer systems or to enhance their Performance. (To be more precise it was even before the emergence of personnel computers, and then it was the public telephone system used to be hacked!)


Basically there are two types of hackers, white hat hackers (Or commonly known as ethical hackers) and black hat hackers. White hat hackers do hacking legally and they get paid for it! When a company wants to test the security of their system they ask group of white hat hackers to hack into their system and give legal permission to do so. Using the results they can improve the security of the system.  Of course it’s the most practical way to ensure the security, to use one of real hackers to break in to the system and cover the hole.  Since methods used by hackers can sometimes be so unconventional system developers often overlook them, sometimes they don’t know or don’t even think of such paths. Black hat hackers on the other hand do not poses legal right to hack in to the system they hack in. Often known as ‘bad guys’. Sometimes an intermediate group called gray hat hackers also known. As the word implies they are the guys between the two extreme worlds.

So this knowledge is like a double edged sword. It can be used for both good and bad. Selecting the path you want to travel is up to you. I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OF THE ACTIONS YOU DO WITH THIS KNOWLEDE OR CONSEQUENCES OF THEM. IM GIVING OUT THIS KNOWLEDE ONLY FOR EDUCATRION PURPOSES, A WAY TO PROECT YOUR SELF FROM SUCH ATTACKS ,A WAY TO THINK OUT OF FRAME AND AS A CHALLENGE ONLY. Please do not use them in a computer system that you don’t have permission from proper authority.

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