Small DOS trick

Small DOS trick


This  trick is now mostly obsolete and will not work on modern operating Systems. But it’s neat and easy. It provides you with a way to create a folder that cannot be opened  modified or even deleted.

1.      Open the command window (Start > run >cmd )

2.      Go to the place where you want create a directory using ‘cd’

3.      Typre ‘mkdir’ then press down ‘Alt’ key and type ‘160′ You will see cursor move a single character. Enter the rest of the name such as my folder

4.      That’s all.!


Alt 160 is the key combination for space. So when you enter it what happens is you are creating a folder with a space at the beginning. In operating Systems like win 98 or ME this is illegal. As a result windows will not let you delete it. If you want to delete it repeat the same commands in command prompt. Instead of ‘mkdir’  use ‘rmdir’.

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