OS password hacking

OS  password hacking

In following lessons you will learn how to get back your computer if you have forgotten the password ;) First, most common operating System ‘windows XP’ Then Ubuntu, Kubuntu. After that Fedora, Redhat, mandriva, Mandrake….List goes on and on! J Since these lessons intended to be simple I will only show how you can reset a password, change it or to create a new account. You will be able to get administrator powers.  None of these methods require special software or training. All of these methods will keep your personnel data intact. And most of them are blindingly fast. So it my feeling this is enough for most “everyday users”.

If you are looking in to recover a lost password not just to reset it you need to do some additional home work and recommended only for advance users. If any of you are interested go to sections about “SAM file” (For windows) and “Shadow password” (Linux)

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