Windows XP

Forgot the password in your Windows XP system? No problem

XP is the most commonly used windows operating system today. But unfortunately it has some serious flaws, even with the service pack 2 it’s still vulnerable.


1.      Simple technique

2.      Only a Windows XP CD is needed

3.      Works on ALL XP machines

4.      You can have administrator privileges!

5.      It will not affect your personnel setting such as desktop setting or any of the installed software.


1.      Computer must be set to boot from CD

2.      Take some time to complete

3.      Cannot find old password, only reset it or create a new password or an account.

For the first exercise you need following

A.     1 windows XP CD (That is a XP OS bootable CD)

B.      1 password forgotten computer with XP operating system.

C.     1 Ethical hacker. (That’s you! ;))


1.      Make sure computer can be boot from the CD/DVD. If it doesn’t, go to BIOS and change the setting so the first boot device is CD. If BIOS too is password protected use my ‘BIOS hacking” guide.

2.      Put the XP CD in the CD ROM and restart the computer.

3.      If the computer say something like “press any key to boot from CD” press enter key. Then the Windows XP installation will start.

4.      In the first screen it will ask whether you want to repair the existing system (r) or you want to install a new system. Press enter to confirm new installation.

5.      In the next screen you will see a license agreement. Press F8 to confirm the agreement.

6.      On the very next screen you will be shown partitions. Select the one with XP Operating System. (Most likely ‘C:’)

7.      IMPORTANT: This time select the option for ‘REPAIR’. It will say something like “If your system is damaged windows can try to repair it.” Press “R” to repair the system.

8.      Computer will copy some files and then reboot the system.

9.      This time don’t press any key. Let the computer continue installation.

10.  Up to now nothing special, here comes the tricky point! When you see message under the progress bar changes to “Installing devices” Press Shift key and F10. (Shift+F10)

11.  Bingo!!! There pops a command window with Administrator privileges!!!!

12.  Ok for those who are not familiar with the command prompt here is the command to open user manager control panel. At prompt type “NUSRMGR.CPL” and press enter.

13.  Usual user manger window will pop up. Make all the necessary changes. J

14.  IMOPRTANT: Let the repair continue. Otherwise your changes will not be activated.

15.  Done! You have successfully hacked in to the Windows XP System and can login using your newly created/edited account.

Video <Link to my sample video>


Disable boot from CD option at BIOS level


No logical explanation possible! Only the stupidity of Microsoft!

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