UBUNTU / KUBUNTU (9.10 or later)

Hacking UBUNTU / KUBUNTU (9.10 or later)

If you have a new release of Ubuntu (9.10, code name karmi kola)  you may discover our old method of hacking doesn’t work anymore. And the reason ?

Well its simple. New version doesn’t use the old GRUB ( From now on it will be known as the grub legacy, While the new GRUB 2 boot loader is simply called as GRUB ) So this new baby doesn’t work as the old thing. It doesn’t even have a “boot.lst”

Good news is, in the default installation it is pretty insecure. And even more you cant modify the boot.conf file since it isautogenerated. So if you want to change parameters of the boot loader you have to learn bit of scripting and configure the .d file.

So I don’t expect common users to know these loop holes ( Or how to fix it more importantly) So here are the steps

  1. Boot the machine
  2. At boot loader prompt select recovery / safe /rescue mode
  3. This will throw a dos like window.
  4. You will be prompted for your action
  5. Select ’start with sudo/root’
  6. If you want networking select ‘root with networking’
  7. Sit back and enjoy
  8. Soon you will have a command prompt with root privileges.
  9. For the fellows who dont like command lines type “startx”
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