Hacking Games using cheat engine

Hacking Games using cheat engine

Have you ever got stuck at a some point in a computer game ? Ever thought it would e nice to have more gold in “age of empires”, or more health in “Unreal” Of course there are more famous built in cheat codes for both of these games. (You can refer to may game cheats and serial numbers )But they do not always serve what we want.  Here is the reason

1.      You may not know cheat codes for certain games.

2.      Actually there may be no cheat codes to do what you want

3.      Cheat code don’t do enough (You want 500 health, But cheat only fills 100 health)


1.      This is where real hacking comes in. It works on almost all the games. (And most of other programs)

2.      You can change almost any variable to any value.

3.      Its fun and challenging


1.      This may take some time to get used to  (half an hour may be!)

2.      Doesn’t usually work in networked games (unless you are the server)

3.      Sometimes you may end up in a crashing the program.


No matter what ever the code you have computer only understand binary. So when compiled all the programs end up in binary (Or assembly). And when program executes all the values for variables will be stored in registries. So if you know the place where a certain value is stored (Say health value in unreal is stored in registry 100) and you have a program that can change the values in registry actuall values used by the program can be changed at will. This is where programs like ‘cheat engine’ and ’softice’ and dissemblers come in.

Since cheat engine is the most easiest to learn let’s start with it.

Next I will move on to dissamblers and give you and example of how to remove serial number blocking. (You will see how to convert unregistered Winrar program in to a registered one )


1.   Download and install cheat engine. (You can get a copy from here)

2.   Start the cheat engine and the game you want to hack

At the Begining

At the Begining

Here I’m  3 D Pin ball

3.   From the process icon select “PINBALL.exe’

4.   I want to change my score, right now it is 30000, So scan the registry for 30 000



5.   We can see there are more than one possible places, So we need to fine tune the programme. Play the game for a little while and get the score change for some other value.


6.    New value is 34750, Lets rescan the registry or this vale.


7.   Now we have two possible victims. Either we can change the values and rescan further to see if these values can change or we can take a little risk and change them right now. Let us change them!


8.   I simply double click and change it to a new value. Lets see how our original programme is doing. (You may get a virus warning saying something like  ‘This programme is trying to inject value in to other programs’ Just ignore it. Because that’s what we are actually want to do. Change some values in game by some other mean. )


9.   OK ! Now you can see our score had actually risen ! (But you may not see the new updated value until you play the game for a while. )

10.  That’s how its done!

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