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How many times have you wanted to find similar images from the internet. Perhaps you have a low resolution image and want to find a higher resolution one. Well It had always being a headache!. All the search engines including Google support only one direction

keywords > images
But so often we want to map Images >Images

Let me give another example. Some stranger send me a face book friend invitation. She had a  profile picture, and pretty beautiful too. So how am I to know if this is a joke or she is real? simply asked her and yes it was ‘her’ photo.

I Did a reverse search and….Bingo
Yup! It had beeing copied from a magazine in the internet!! Good try my friends! But not enough :P

Ok Thats enough about the advantages! Lets talk about the search engine,

Its called TinEye

and guess what they even have a fire fox plug in too!

Believe me its pretty fast too!

Great work guys! So next time you want to match an image try

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