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There are times we are stuck with a computer that has only an internet connection and no office package. And we are deparate to create or edit a word document or a power point presentation.
Perhaps you have done everything and saved your document in the USB drive and forgot to bring it. How worse it can be!

As a result of these thing online office packages have emerged.

First in this line is the ‘google docs’
Powered by google it one of the oldest. It provides a user with a complete office package. To create a document just log in to


Unfortunately at the moment of writing ( 2009-Nov ) google doc doesnt allow you to save in the new Docx ( MS office 2007 ) formats. So ytou are stuck with the older .doc format. Same goes for other applications such as presentation.

A better version is the “zoho” it allows you to save in the newwest file format.

But If you want the ultimate you need to log in to “”  ( Its not just a office app. It has a complete computer. A 15GB online storage, Office package and software, even some cool vista like gadgets.

So enjoy the ride!

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