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Good bye google!! (Or at least in the near future :D )
Creators of the Mathematica had moved to the web technology. Now Wolfram (The person who created mathamatica , the one who got a Ph.D at 15, from Caltech) had releazed theire beta version of search engine.
It is called

Wolfram Alpha !!!

So whats the different between this and all OTHER search engines? This one uses semantic nets and can understand most of questions. (Unlike the index based phrase matching used in google )

Its still developing and still need to fill in some gaps. How ever results are already impressive!

check these!

Home page of Wolfram Alpha

Complex question simple answer

Home page of WoSummary in a second

lfram AlphaSolving mathamatics


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  1. wow! so it’s like an online map.

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